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Secrets of the Syren is an epic multiplayer quest line added to the game in 2005, prior to the New Game Enhancements.

The quest line is divided in five chapters. The first was introduced with the Publish 14, the second with the Publish 14.1, the third with the Publish 19 and the fourth with the Publish 21.

The final chapter was planned to be added with the Publish 28, after the NGE update. However, although it was fully developped, the fifth chapter was never released. Eventually, due to the changes planed for the city of Restuss with the release of the Battle of Restuss, the Secrets of the Syren was eventually removed from the game with the Chapter 1 update.

Nevertheless, the entire quest line was totally restored in the post-NGE SWG emulator SWG: Prophecy courtesy of SWG: Expaned, including the long lost final chapter.

Secrets of the Syren was designed for high-level combat characters. It is also recommended for players to have high-level space combat capacities. The quest line is faction restricted: you can start the quests as Rebel, Imperial or neutral but then, at some point in the game, you will have to choose between the Empire or the Rebellion.

Speak to these NPCs to start Secrets of the Syren:

  • Rebels: Veega Madish - Corellia, Tyrena Cantina
  • Neutral: Tyla Jinn - Naboo, Theed Cantina
  • Imperial: Jevan Monsul - Tatooine, Bestine Cantina
/way orange corellia -5203, -2572 Veega Madish;
/way orange naboo -5181, 4258 Tyla Jinn;
/way orange tatooine -1399, -3675 Jevan Monsul;

Load In Screen Message:


To: The Family of Cal Handro
From: Sgt. Vekker
Imperial Intelligence

We regret to inform you that your family member, Cal Handro, has been declared missing. At this time, we attepmting to clarify his status. One of our operatives in Bestine is looking into the matter and has receantly uncovered some interesting information.

Someone from our department will be around today to search your home for any informatin that may help us with our search. I can only ask that you do not hinder our search as your family memeber's life is at stake.

If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, please contact Lt. Jevan Monsul in Bestine.


Man Down![]

Level: 55
Reward: 39721 XP

A pilot is lost. Find out what happened and what he was transporting.


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

Conversation with Veega Madish[]

The three starting NPCs.

Veega Madish: I need your help! I have a situation that requires my attention and I cannot attend to it properly. Would you be willing to help me out?
PC: Perhaps, if I have more information.
Veega Madish: I have just gotten word that a pilot is missing. We have the coordinates of his last known location. It was on Rori. Would you be willing to run out there and see what happened? He may be hurt or in danger.
PC: I will go investigate.
Veega Madish: Very good. Go to these coordinates on Rori and see if you can find anything out. Then report back to me. Oh, if he had cargo, maybe you could find out what happened to it. That would probably help him out a lot.

Conversation with Jevan Monsul[]

Jevan Monsul: Greetings, soldier. I have a situation that requires my attention and I cannot attend to it properly. Would you be willing to help me out?
PC: I will do anything I can to help the Empire.
Jevan Monsul: Your loyalty encourages me. I wish more people were like you. Anyway, a pilot is missing and we don't know what happened. We have his last known coordinates on Rori. Investigate then bring me back any information you find, particularly information about his cargo. This is of great interest to the Empire.

Conversation with Tyla Jinn[]

Tyla Jinn: Can you help me? Please help me! My friend's ship is missing and I haven't heard from him. I'm really worried.
PC: What can you tell me about it?
Tyla Jinn: He is a merchant and on one of this runs, he disappeared! I can't imagine what happened! He's a very good pilot. I don't think that Rori was one of his stops, but that's where his last coordinates say he was. I'm very worried.
PC: I will help you find your friend.
Tyla Jinn: Thank you! I have the coordinates here. Please bring me back any information you find. I'm so worried about him!

Go to the coordinates on Rori[]

The crashed ship.

Travel to the coordinates (/way 0, 2012) on Rori and find out what happened to the missing pilot. Once you get there, you'll find a lot of mercenaries so be ready to fight,

Note: After the Secrets of the Syren questline was cut from the game, Cal Handro's crashed ship on Rori was reused as the Downed Imperial Transport of the Imperial Theme Park. The Black Sun mercenaries were replaced by Elite Rebel Troopers.

Search the Crash Site[]

Search the crash site for some kind of information. There is a datapad on the ground and a spice sample (/way -9, 1997) that you automatically receive in your inventory.

Return to Jevan Monsul / Return to Tyla Jinn / Return to Veega Madish[]

A Spice Sample

Return the spice sample back to the starting contact.

Conversation with Veega Madish[]

Veega Madish: Welcome back. Did you find anything interesting?
PC: Yes, I found this datapad and this sample. I think it's a spice.
Veega Madish: A spice? Oh really? Interesting. Umm... I think you should get that analyzed. I know a doctor who will analyze that for you.
PC: What about the pilot?
Veega Madish: Oh, I'll get this datapad sliced and follow up on that. I think this spice is more important.
PC: More important than a missing pilot?
Veega Madish: Um, no, that's not what I mean. I mean, I think you should follow up on that spice and let me worry about the pilot.
PC: This is getting suspicious, but I will do as you ask.
Veega Madish: I'm sorry, I don't mean to put you on guard. I just don't like knowing that there's some unknown spice out there when some child could get their hands on it. Here's the doctor's clinic. I'm sure he will be there.

Conversation with Jevan Monsul[]

Jevan Monsul: Welcome back. Did you find anything interesting?
PC: Yes, I found this datapad and this sample. I think it's a spice.
Jevan Monsul: A spice? I have never seen anything like it. Let's see what this datapad contains. One moment for the decoder to do its job...there we go.
PC: What does it say?
Jevan Monsul: It looks like this sample was part of a larger shipment that the pilot was bringing somewhere. The datapad is quite damaged. There's nothing about who shot the ship down, just that the ship was attacked.
PC: So, now what do I do?
Jevan Monsul: I think that this spice sample is important somehow. I have a loyal Imperial doctor that will analyze this sample if you take it to him.
PC: I would be happy to.
Jevan Monsul: Good. Here's the medical facility where he works. You should find him inside. I swear, I don't think he sleeps.

Conversation with Tyla Jinn[]

Tyla Jinn: What did you find?
PC: I found this datapad and this sample. I think it's a spice.
Tyla Jinn: A spice? What would he be doing with spice? He doesn't touch the stuff. Let me see this datapad, I have his personal code. Oh no!
PC: What does it say?
Tyla Jinn: He was attacked! He doesn't say by who or what, but his ship was brought down. There's no information here that helps me at all! Just something about this sample and how it's important. I don't care about that, I just want to find my friend!
PC: Maybe the spice will lead us to where he is.
Tyla Jinn: Do you think so? My cousin is a doctor and could probably analyze that. Would you take it to him and see if he can help?
PC: I would be happy to.
Tyla Jinn: Thank you again. Here are the coordinates to his clinic. I hope it helps.

Talk to Doctor Vang[]

Edvar Vang

After returning the spice to the starting contact, he/she sends you to speak with Doctor Edvar Vang. A new waypoint is added to your datapad for Rori. Travel to Narmle. Edvar Vang can be found in the Narmle medical center at /way -5108 -2202

Conversation with Edvar Vang[]

Edvar Vang: Hello, may I help you?
PC: I have this spice sample that I need analyzed.
Edvar Vang: Well, let me see it. Find it in your kid's room? I keep hearing more and more stories about that, kids these days...wait a minute. Where did you get this?!
PC: Never mind where I found it, what is it?
Edvar Vang: It's ... what the? I haven't seen anything like this since... do you realize what this represents?
PC: Is this illegal? Is it dangerous?
Edvar Vang: It's dangerous to me! Out! If you really must find out what that stuff is, go talk to a friend of mine. He would know more about it than I do anyway. Take this data and get out!

Talk to Moxxar Krieg[]

Apparently Dr. Vang wants nothing to do with the spice sample, and tells you to take it his friend A new waypoint to Moxar Krieg on Tatooine has been added to your datapad. Travel to Mos Eisley and go to the waypoint in your datapad. Go inside the house and at /way 3293 -4540 and you will get a quest update.

Too Late[]

A datapad from the corpse will be placed in your inventory.

Return to Jevan Monsul / Return to Tyla Jinn / Return to Veega Madish[]

Return to the starting contact to complete the first quest.

Conversation with Veega Madish[]

Veega Madish: I finally have information for you! Someone named Kaila contacted me and told me that she had information on the missing pilot. Evidently he's lost in the wilderness. She has the coordinates if you go over and talk to her.
PC: Didn't she give you the information when she contacted you?
Veega Madish: Well, she didn't contact me directly and doesn't want to be seen talking to me. I'm a wanted man, you understand. One of those 'rebel terrorists' and all that rot.
PC: As am I, my friend. But I'm interested in finding out what this is about. Where is she?
Veega Madish: She's a regular at Narmle's Gambling Hall. I'll give you a waypoint.

Conversation with Jevan Monsul[]

Jevan Monsul: Hello again, soldier. It appears that my search bore fruit. A lady named Kaila heard that I was looking for that lost pilot. She said that she saw someone fitting his description in the wilderness. Since you are already in the loop for this, I want you to go talk to her.
PC: Didn't she give you the information when she contacted you?
Jevan Monsul: No. She is expecting a reward for valuable information. The Empire will take care of that. You will go talk to her, won't you?
PC: Of course, sir.
Jevan Monsul: Good choice. She is a regular at some dive in Narmle after dark. I'll give you a waypoint.

Conversation with Tyla Jinn[]

Tyla Jinn: I finally have information for you! Someone named Kaila contacted me and told me that she had information about my lost friend! He's lost in the wilderness. You have to help me! She won't give me the coordinates, but maybe she will give them to you.
PC: Why wouldn't she give you the coordinates?
Tyla Jinn: Hhmph, she says that I won't survive in the wilderness, and she's right there. But she said that I'm foolish enough to go out there on my own. She says that she doesn't want to get me killed! I'd only do that if I couldn't find someone to help me!
PC: It's ok. I'll help you. Just tell me where I can find her.
Tyla Jinn: Kaila's a regular at some dive in Narmle. I'll give you a waypoint.

More than You Bargained For[]

Level: 56

  • 39721 XP
  • 50000 credits
  • Shisa


You're on the trail of the missing pilot, but are you getting into something deeper than you expected?


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

Talk to Kaila Min[]

Kaila Min

You are sent to speak with Kaila Min. She is in the hotel in Narmle, Rori (way -5186 -2266).

Conversation with Kaila Min[]

Kaila Min: Why hello there! Is there something that I can do for you?
PC: You can tell me about that pilot you saw.
Kaila Min: Ah, I know who you are now. I'm glad you came to see me. I was beginning to wonder if you would. Listen carefully, head directly northeast. It's north of some ruins and west of a statue head. Here are coordinates if you prefer that.

Follow Kaila's Directions[]

A waypoint is added to your datapad for "Pilot's Last Known Location". Head to the location which is at /way -2970 947 on Rori.


A Black Sun Smuggler

It's actually an ambush. You will be attacked first by six CL17 Black Sun Initiates. As soon as the last one dies, five CL19 Black Sun Smugglers will spawn. Again, as soon as they die, three CL21 Black Sun Minions will spawn.

If you are killed during the ambush, the quest will be failled and you will be forced to start the quest from the beginning.

Go to 4846, -1084 on Rori[]

Once they are all dead, a Black Sun Member's Datapad will be placed in your inventory. The datapad will direct you to the Black Sun Base, on Rori /way 4846 -1084.

Talk to Tovar Blackmoor[]

After you arrive at the Black Sun's pirate base, you enter in a small dungeon. The dungeon is full of the same black sun mobs from the Ambush. The NPC you need to talk to is the white dot at the back on the map. He is named Tover Blackmoor.

/way orange rori 4695 -1129 Tover Blackmoor;

Conversation with Tovar Blackmoor[]

Tover Blackmoor

Tovar Blackmoor: Please don't kill me! I have information that you probably want.
PC: Go on then, talk.
Tovar Blackmoor: I have been analyzing the spice that you have.
PC: What spice?
Tovar Blackmoor: I know that you found a spice sample, the local Black Sun leaders were talking about it earlier today. That's why they set up that trap for you. They want a piece of the action. I don't know the name of this spice, but it seems to be medicinal in nature, and rare.
PC: What does the Black Sun want with it? Most rare medicines are publically available.
Tovar Blackmoor: Not this kind. That's what you don't understand. It's being smuggled and hoarded by the Rebel Alliance. They must know where it comes from and are keeping it for themselves. The pilot that you are looking for was smuggling the spice for them.
PC: Doesn't surprise me in the least. Those rock-sucking terrorists would do anything.
Tovar Blackmoor: Maybe they want an edge in the war...ow! Right, rock-sucking terrorists! In thanks for sparing my life, take this.

Return to Jevan Monsul / Return to Tyla Jinn / Return to Veega Madish[]

After speaking with Tover, return to the starting contact to complete the second quest.

Conversation with Jevan Monsul[]

Jevan Monsul: Good to see you again soldier. We have a new lead on the whereabouts of the pilot.
PC: The last time you had a lead, I almost got killed!
Jevan Monsul: Yes, very sorry about that. Our intel was... lacking. You handled yourself like an expert though and this mission should be a walk in the park for you.
PC: You better be right, I've had enough near death experiences.
Jevan Monsul: Fair enough. Our intel points to an information broker in Dearic, Talus. He was seen with the pilot about a week ago. Find out what he knows and see if you can track down the pilot.
PC: What's the data on the information broker?
Jevan Monsul: His real name is unknown to us but he's called Wire. He's a Bothan, fairly short, with a pale fur. You should be able to find him in the local cantina of Dearic.
PC: Very well, I will be on my way.
Jevan Monsul: Excellent soldier! Stay alert out there.

Getting closer?[]

Level: 75
Reward: XP

More leads on the missing pilot is surfacing but what was the pilot up to and why is everyone looking for him?


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher



This time the NPC sends you to the Dearic Cantina, on Talus, to talk to a Bothan information broker called Wire.

Conversation with Wire[]

Wire: What can I do for you stranger?
PC: I'm looking for an acquaintance of yours.
Wire: Who would that be?
PC: A smuggler, you had a chat with him a while ago.
Wire: I talk to many pilots; you will have to be more specific.
PC: He was shipping a very special spice.
Wire: Yes I know who you're talking about and I know who you are %NU. What I don't know is what you want from me?
PC: A few days after you talked to him, he was shot down.
Wire: I know, go on?
PC: I searched the wreck but couldn't find him, was hoping you could help with that.
Wire: Perhaps but help in this part of the galaxy doesn't come free.
PC: How much do you want?
Wire: This information doesn't come with a credit price. From what I've heard about you, you're quite the hero %NU and right now, that's what I need.
PC: What do you need done?
Wire: The Black Sun is a menace in this system lately. Anything that isn't guarded by a fleet, they try to get their grubby little hands on. Well I can't afford an army and I'm expecting an extremely important shipment in a bit. I want you to make sure that it makes it safely here.
PC: I believe I can do that. I have a score to settle with them anyway.
Wire: Excellent. You should take off at once. These are the coordinates where you will find my employee. Do this and I will make sure that it's worth your while.

Corellia system: Protecting a smuggler[]

Wire will send you on an escort mission to guard a Smuggler Heavy Freighter in the Corellian system. Once in Corellia Space, go to the waypoint Wire gave you and wait for the shuttle. After the shuttle shows, you will guard it till it hypers.

You will be attacked by 2 waves of Black Sun ships:

  • 1st Wave: 3 Black Sun Marauder's all tier 3 ships.
  • 2nd Wave: 5 Black Sun Fighter's all of these are also tier 3.

Kill the Black Sun ships, till your escort leaves, then return to Wire at Dearic.

Conversation with Wire[]

Wire: There you are. I knew you were the right person for the job. I'm most pleased %NU.
PC: I was expecting more of a challenge. Satisfying none the less.
Wire: What ever. Well we had a deal and I will of course come through on it. The pilot you are looking for did indeed come to me a while ago. He was trying to get information on who was out to kill him.
PC: Did you have an answer for him?
Wire: Certainly. You see this pilot friend of yours had his hands in a lot of pockets, trying to get money where ever he could. For a while he was even shipping slaves for the Trandoshan's. I found out that they knew about his business with the Rebels and wanted him retired, permanently.
PC: Trandoshan slavers eh? Why were they so upset about that?
Wire: That, I don't know. I however know of someone that probably does. On Naboo resides a slavemaster for the Blackscale clan, I will point you to his building. Be warned though, it's like a fortress and the slavers are not reasonable. It will probably be suicide to go there. That of course is not my problem.

Trandoshan slavers[]

Wire will give you info, and send you to Keren on Naboo. Once at Keren, head to the waypoint Wire gave you, you will find a Large Naboo House /waypoint 2017 2350 inside the city, near to the Garage. Inside are 8 Avatar's Mobs & Jailers. You can only enter the house with other players who have the quest open or have completed it before. If you are killed, you have to address the starting NPC again.

Look for clues[]


Go inside the building , to the bottom floor, go down the hallway to the second door. Click the Computer Terminal on the wall. A Wookiee, Arrworr, will spawn.

Conversation with Arrworr[]

Arrworr: Who... who are you?
PC: Never mind that. What are you doing with the Trandoshans?
Arrworr: I'm a prisoner here... I've been tortured by these despicable Trandoshans for weeks now. Please help me.


Once you begin to talk to him, the Trandoshan slavemaster Trussk will spawn and attack you. Kill him.

Slavemaster dead[]

Conversation with Arrworr[]

Arrworr: You have done everyone a great service by ridding the galaxy of that monster! Now please, help me escape this place!
PC: Alright, let's go.
Arrworr: Thank you. If we make it out of here, I will never forget this.

Escort Arrworr[]

Escort Arrworr outside, and then talk to him again.

A clue?[]

Conversation with Arrworr[]

Arrworr: I will be fine from here. I owe you my life %NU. What can I do to even slightly repay my debt to you?
PC: I'm looking for a friend of mine, a missing pilot... well smuggler.
Arrworr: You will have to be a bit more specific, why did you come here to find him? Is he a Wookiee?
PC: No but I have information that these slavers wanted him dead.
Arrworr: I think I know what you're talking about. I overheard the slavemaster talking about a smuggler interfering in their business. They said he was smuggling slaves for some of the other Trandoshan clans, the ones that struck a deal with the Empire.

Return to Monsul / Return to Tyla / Return to Veega[]

Once this is done return to the starting NPC. After you arrive at Tyrena, or any other starport from finishing this part of the mission, you will be ambushed by 3 more an Avatar Guard. Kill them and go to your starting NPC.

Conversation with Jevan Monsul[]

Jevan Monsul: There you are %TU. Have you found the pilot?
PC: Not yet. I did come across some interesting information though.
Jevan Monsul: Go on?
PC: It appears that the pilot smuggled slaves as well as spice.
Jevan Monsul: Slaves? Are you sure? For who?
PC: For Trandoshan slavers. A rival clan of theirs wanted him dead.
Jevan Monsul: Hmm, so maybe they were behind it then. I will use this new information to try and gather some more leads. Maybe we can finally find the pilot so he can shed some light on all of this and pay for his crimes.
PC: My information hinted that some of these slavers work with the Empire...
Jevan Monsul: That... that is preposterous! We would never work with such filth. Just let that go. Now, come check back with me later and hopefully I will have some new information available for you.

Once you talk to the starting NPC, you complete this third quest.

Within Your Grasp[]

Level: 75
Reward: 10000 credits

Looks like the lost pilot has been located. Find him.


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

Conversation with Jevan Monsul[]

Jevan Monsul: Well, well, well, guess our traitor wasn't as good at hiding his tracks as he thought!
PC: I beg your pardon? I'm no traitor!
Jevan Monsul: Of course you aren't. I'm talking about Cal Handro, that 'missing' pilot. But is there something that you wanted to admit to, %TU?
PC: Not at all! I was just testing you, actually. Tell me what you learned.
Jevan Monsul: A special load of cargo was siezed from a group of smugglers. Some of it was the spice that we are looking for.
PC: Interesting. What else can you tell me?
Jevan Monsul: I can tell you that it led us to some very interesting intelligence. One of the investigators made contact with the...gentleman... who may be harboring this traitor.
PC: Why don't you go in and extract him?
Jevan Monsul: Let's just say that it's complicated. We need to do this with diplomacy.
PC: I see. What am I to do?
Jevan Monsul: Go out to Rori, to the Martano estate. Talk to Tierce Martano and find out what he knows. After this, though, I'm out. I have been...reassigned. Maybe the investigator will be able to help you further.
PC: Who is this investigator? Where is the Martano estate?
Jevan Monsul: The investigator is Officer M'kae and I'll give you the coordinates to the Martano Estate. Good luck %TU.

Go to the Martano Estate[]

The besieged Martano estate.

The starting NPC gives you a waypoint to Tierce Martano's Estate, it's on Rori, nearest starport is Restuss. Once you arrive at the waypoint he gave you /waypoint 971, 7227, you will get a mission update.

Kill 20 Black Sun[]

Kill 20 Black Sun's to gain access to the Estate. Once you have killed them you will get a mission update, and will be allowed to enter the Estate.

Talk to Tierce Martano[]

Now go in the building and talk to Tierce Martano.

Conversation with Tierce Martano[]

Tierce Martano: Those blasted Black Sun dare to trap me in my own vacation estate!
PC: What happened?
Tierce Martano: The Black Sun want something and I'm not willing to give it to them. Their siege on my estate just convinces me that I made the right choice. Anyway, thank you for helping me out...I'm being a terrible host! Would you care for some refreshments?
PC: Thank you, but no. I'm here on business, actually.
Tierce Martano: Ah. Business. Seems that I'm very popular recently. Go on.
PC: I'm looking for a missing pilot named Cal Handro.
Tierce Martano: Ah, you too? I'm sure someone sent you. No, I don't want to know who. No diplomatic dances from me this time. I'll tell you what you want to know.
PC: Where is he?
Tierce Martano: He's nearby, in a safe house that I know of. The stakes of this game have increased dramatically and I don't like the players much.
PC: Why did he come to you?
Tierce Martano: He's an old Sabacc buddy of mine and he knew that I had a house out here and I happened to be here when he asked to stay. However, this deal has been getting worse for me as it goes. He didn't warn me that he was going to be so well-liked.
PC: What do you plan to do with him?
Tierce Martano: I don't know, actually. I have representatives from both sides of this war coming to me with offers and threats. I don't really want to deal with either one.
PC: Can I help?
Tierce Martano: Actually, you can. The situation is just too hot for me. I just want him out of my hands. Since you helped me get rid of the Black Sun, I'll let you decide where I send Cal.
PC: Great. Where are the contacts?
Tierce Martano: I'll transfer their names and locations to your datapad. Have them send me a message with your name and I'll give them whatever information they want. Thanks. I owe you one.
PC: I'm happy to help, but I'll probably call in a favor.
Tierce Martano: I'm sure you will.

Choose the Empire / Choose the Rebel Alliance[]

At this point you are given the choice of which side to help: the Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

  • For the Empire, talk to Officer M'kae in Restuss.
  • For the Rebel Alliance, talk to Wolff Kalos in Narmle.

Conversation with Officer M'kae[]

Officer M'kae: Good day. Would you, a loyal member of the Empire, know the whereabouts of a pilot named Cal Handro?
PC: Yes, sir. I have come to tell you where he is.
Officer M'kae: Very good. I knew that he would be discovered soon. Where is the traitor?
PC: Tierce Martano will send you the coordinates.
Officer M'kae: That no-good gambler? It shouldn't surprise me that he lied to us. Of course, if he cooperates now, I won't have him arrested.
PC: He will. Just send him a message with my name. He's waiting for it.
Officer M'kae: Excellent. I'll have the pilot sent to a safe house where you will pick him up.
PC: Me? Why am I still involved?
Officer M'kae: Right now, you are the one that I trust most. Talk to the head guard when you get there for a status report.
PC: Very well.
Officer M'kae: See you when you get back.

The quest ends when you talk to one of these NPCs but another quest starts automatically.

For the Empire! / For the Alliance![]

Level: 75


Bring Cal Handro in to Officer M'kae. / Bring Cal Handro in to Wolff Kalos.


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

Talk to Head Guard[]

After talking to Officer M'kae / Wolff Kalos, he will send you to a Safe House (waypoint will become active on its own). Once arriving at the waypoint provided, speak with the Head Guard.

Conversation with the Head Guard[]

Head Guard: I'm glad to see you, %TU. Officer M'kae said that you would be here soon.
PC: What is the situation?
Head Guard: We have him confined, but he barricaded the door. It shouldn't be long for us to subdue him.
PC: Excellent. That's what I like to hear.
Head Guard: Hey, what's that? I think we're being attacked!

Attacked by Mercenaries / Kill the Mercenary Leader[]

After speaking with him, a number of mercenary soldiers will spawn, all roughly CL 70 to CL 75. There were roughly 6 to 8 of them.

Talk to the Head Guard Again[]

After all the fighting is done, talk to the Head Guard again who explains that the fighting was a diversion... Cal Handro, the Pilot you're looking for, has escaped.

Conversation with the Head Guard[]

Head Guard: Report!! What did you say?! He's gotten away?
PC: What happened?
Head Guard: My guards are reporting that the attack was a diversion and that the pilot is gone! While we were busy, another group of Rebels smuggled him out! This is a disaster!
PC: Calm down, I think I know of someone that can tell me where he is going.
Head Guard: You do? Who?
PC: I'm going to have a chat with a rebel named Wolff Kalos.
Head Guard: Good luck with that!

Get Information from Officer M'Kae / Get Information from Wolff Kalos[]

You then have to go to Restuss or Narmle and talk to the opposie Rebel or Imperial Officer.

  • For the Rebel Alliance, talk to Officer M'kae in Restuss. You have received waypoints for both factions from Tierce Martano and you suspect that the other faction helped Cal escape. You will have to pay credits for information.
  • For the Empire, talk to Wolff Kalos in Narmle.

Conversation with Wolff Kalos[]

Wolff Kalos: What do you want, Imperial swine?
PC: I want to know what you did with Cal Handro.
Wolff Kalos: Of course you do. And of course, I won't tell you.
PC: I could kill you, you know.
Wolff Kalos: You could. Not only would that make me a martyr, but Cal would get away, wouldn't he?
PC: I can think of 5,000 reasons why you will.
Wolff Kalos: Perhaps I can think of 10,000 reasons why I might say something.
PC: That's fair. I will give you 10,000 credits.
Wolff Kalos: I probably should have asked for more. Ah well. I will tell you where he is, not that it will help you much. He's gone to space to show other pilots his route to Kashyyyk. Ha ha ha, you won't be able to catch him!
PC: Why you...
Wolff Kalos: Ah ah ah... best go now if you want to catch him!
PC: I'll deal with you later.
Wolff Kalos: Sure you will.

Naboo System: Destroy Cal Handro's Ship[]

After speaking with him, the next Phase is triggered which involves chasing after Cal Handro in space. Head to Naboo system. You will need help if you are not proficient in space.

Fight Cal Handro. Do not be afraid of the huge warship, this one does not move and can be easily disassembled from 560 - 555 meters away. Before that, 4 Tier 4 Hunters and 1 Pet 4 Decimator have to be shot down.

In case of failure, return to Officer M'kae in Restuss (Imperials) or Wolff Kalos (Rebels) and repeat the space part.

Job Well Done[]

Return to Officer M'kae in Restuss (Imperials) or Wolff Kalos (Rebels) to complete the quest.

Officer M'kae: Welcome back. I take it you won?
PC: Well, I destroyed his ship.
Officer M'kae: Great work soldier!
PC: For the good of the Empire!
Officer M'kae: And such good work deserves a reward. I have a new type of carbine. It is now yours.
PC: Thank you, sir.
Officer M'kae: Come back to me soon and hopefully I will have more information for you so we can finish this.

The next part is the final cut chapter cut from the original game. It's end game rewards are specific to SWG: Prophecy

Secrets of the Syren: Endgame[]

Level: 85


Find out who is still using Cal Handro's resources.


Recommended combat levels: 90 and higher

To start this quest, travel to Talus and talk to Officer Edgar (for the Empire) or Dak Ralter (/way 430 -3013) (for the Rebels).

Conversation with Officer Edgar[]

Officer Edgar: So, you're the one that took down Cal Handro?
PC: I guess you could say that.
Officer Edgar: Well, whatever you did, the Empire appreciates your help. There is just one little problem though.
PC: What's the problem?
Officer Edgar: Someone's still using Handro's ship. They're still making all his deliveries. The issue is still unresolved.
PC: That's not possible!
Officer Edgar: Well, possible or not, it's happening.
PC: What now?
Officer Edgar: We have to seriously consider the possibility that someone else has just stepped into Handro's place. Perhaps someone familiar with it already.
PC: You're saying he had a partner?
Officer Edgar: That's what we're thinking. It's time to wrap this mess up once and for all, before it becomes embarrassing to the Imperial Command.
PC: I'll do whatever it takes. Where do I start?
Officer Edgar: Excellent. This is what we know for sure. Imperial intelligence indicates that Handro is working with the rebels to protect a shield generator he developed specifically for his ship. Before the situation in space can be handled we'll need you to disrupt the signal from that generator.
PC: Point me to the Rebel scum and they'll be handled.
Officer Edgar: It encourages me to see someone like you serving the Emperor. I'll mark the location of their base on Talus in your datapad. You'll need to do two things once you're inside. The first is to find the communications array. Use it to disrupt the false signals that it's sending so you can locate his ship.
PC: What's the second thing?
Officer Edgar: Second, turn off the shield generator. Once the generator is disrupted your friends in space can take down the ship.
PC: I'm on it.
Officer Edgar: Good. Long live the Emperor!

Go to the Rebel Base / Go to the Imperial Base[]

Head to the waypoint given to you. You will be taken to a bunker.

Get the Communications Array Passkey[]

You need to kill NPCs until you get a Passkey.

Disrupt the Communications Array[]

Once you get the passkey you will need to find a ‘Communications Array’ and click on or radial it to activate.

Disable the Shield Generator then Eliminate Handro's Ship[]

When you activate the array, a countdown of 10 minutes will begin. This is the time you have to head into the Corellian system and kill Cal Handro. You can have a pilot friend in group with you ready to head into space to kill him for you.

If you wish to make it easier to kill Cal Handro, you can look for the ‘Shield Generator’. Clicking this will disable his shields.

Once you or your friend kill Cal Handro you will be rewarded.

Conversation with Officer Edgar[]

Officer Edgar: The Emperor himself personally sent a message through one of his top aides to one of my superiors asking that we make sure to thank the person responsible for taking care of this nagging problem. That would be you.
PC: What?
Officer Edgar: The Emperor thanks you.